Offshore wind experts

Green Energy Partners is an experienced developer and provider of project development and project management services to the offshore wind industry. 

We have a broad range of skills focused on early-stage development, project management and business development and work to deliver environmentally and socially responsible offshore wind projects in Australia. 

We work with project partners and clients to define, optimise and deliver financially optimised, successful offshore wind development solutions. 

Our people are at the leading edge of this exciting, future-focused industry. Based in Australia, we bring together decades of international experience in power generation project development and delivery across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. 

Why offshore wind in Australia

Offshore wind is abundant in Australia

Australia’s offshore wind resources are comparable to overseas locations where offshore wind is an established industry, such as Scotland and Denmark.

A key pillar in future energy scenarios

Global momentum for a transition to clean energy is building, and offshore wind is a scalable solution to the challenge of future energy supply.

Environmentally and socially responsible

Offshore wind is emerging as a socially and environmentally sustainable solution to Australia’s climate and energy needs.