Offshore wind in Australia

Why offshore wind?

Global momentum for a transition to clean energy is building. A scalable solution to the challenge of future energy supply, offshore wind is emerging as a key pillar in a future renewable energy world.

Technological developments in floating offshore wind turbines now allow access to high-quality deeper water sites that were previously inaccessible, while ongoing turbine size expansion means offshore wind can upscale rapidly, reducing the need for lengthy and complex investments in onshore transmission and delivering a lower cost of energy.

Given the scale it can provide, offshore wind is projected to be a key pillar in the clean energy transition in coming decades.

Benefits of offshore wind

Draws on an abundant, clean natural resource

Strengthens electricity security


Avoids competing land use

Upscales rapidly

Creates job opportunities

Invests in and contributes to local economies

Accelerates other emerging industries

Helps meet government decarbonisation targets