How Green Energy Partners delivers successful projects

Our thorough understanding of the Offshore wind development and construction process enables us to anticipate and mitigate challenges before they arise.

We provide project focused coordination and support to all aspects of the project development process including technology concept selection, measurements & energy resource, costs, risks and logistics for our projects.

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Offshore Wind Development

Having been involved in all project stages in over 15 GW wind projects, GEP has accumulated the experience and know-how to optimise and fast-track activities during all phases of a offshore wind projects development. Our detailed processes ensure clear and smooth scoping and flow from initial feasibility study through to project implementation including:

  • Identifying project sites and grid connections
  • Working with leading edge offshore wind technologies using floating and bottom fixed foundations
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with local stakeholders
  • Economic and social management 
  • Environmental assessments including marine studies, ecology, hydrology, geology, acoustic, archaeology and aviation
  • Managing the entire process, from planning to consent
  • Planning and management of electrical offtake, connection and transmission

We coordinate in-house expertise from across our organisation to ensure cost efficiencies at every stage of a project. We also look to secure cooperation from and with local communities, authorities and energy companies, whilst balancing commercial, environmental and social concerns to develop cost effective, sustainable offshore wind projects so we can achieve the best results.

Risk Management

Offshore Wind development is a complex exercise in handling risks. 

Green Energy Partners actively manages project development risk including:

  • Political / Social Risk
  • Permit / Environmental Risk
  • Wind Risk
  • Technical Risk
  • Accessibility Risk
  • Contracting
  • Operational / Regulatory Risk
  • Commercial and Financial Risk

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Current engagements 

We are currently engaged in Offshore Wind Development in Australia.

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