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Offshore Wind Development

Offshore wind development, and especially floating wind, is a complex exercise in handling risk, the main reason for failure is often due to lack of preparation.

Green Energy Partners create or conduct a detailed review and evaluation of all key assumptions having an impact on the project including: 

Need for speed

Competition is high and speed is therefore essential to control and mitigate risks, Green Energy Partners evaluate the development risks and create mitigation and contingency plans accordantly,

Green Energy Partners monitor and control all aspect of the development until financial close where the project is handed over.

Collaboration and comprehensive process

Green Energy Partners, in collaboration the Project stakeholders, create and develop a communication matrix including a detailed communication plan. We also update a project specific “Development and Construction Deliverable Map”, that takes the people and culture into account to foster high level of collaboration  between the parties to ensure full understanding of the development and construction process..

Bottom line focus

We are also able to draft and develop a solid business case, based on our know-how and accordance to the agreed project strategy. The business case will contain a comprehensive risk- and interface matrix and a high-level project schedule with defined milestones and critical factors identified.

Taking technical and commercial aspects into account, the annual energy production will be assessed and challenged with focus on long-term operation.

The business case will consider and take the entire project environment in to account, increasing the likelihood of the highest possible internal rate of return combined with best- and next practice.

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Current engagements 

We are currently engaged in Offshore Wind Development in Australia.

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